INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION Textbook / Т. Voichenko, S. Lytvynenko

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International Transportation / Т. Voichenko,  S. Lytvynenko, M. Buhaiova, I. Medvediev, N. Remzina, Y. Popova. Kyiv: Publishing House “Condor”, 2023. 268 p.

ISBN 978-617-8244-43-9 
Theoretical and methodological foundations of international transportation were considered, namely the role of international transportation in the world trade development, features of the global transport and logistics systems, main trends, strategies and best practices ininternational road transport, peculiarities of international maritime shipping and port traffic, international container shipping, international rail transport, and evaluation of economic and organizational development.  Also features of aviation logistics in the post-crisis world on the example of airports and airlines, technologies and innovations in transport, features of logistics services for international transportation, peculiarities of the cold chain and the global food systems logistics and transportation in tourism industry were analyzed.  For students studying in the fields of knowledge 05 “Social and Behavioral Sciences”,

07 “Management and Administration”, 27 “Transport”, 28 “Public Management and Administration”, 29 “International Relations”.

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