Air Cargo Transportation / I. Vasylenko, V. Voitsehovskiy, S. Lytvynenko, T. Gabrielova

Код: 447529
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Артикул: 447529
ISBN: 978-617-8244-71-2

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Air Cargo Transportation : Textbook / I. Vasylenko, V. Voitsehovskiy, S. Lytvynenko, T. Gabrielova. Kyiv: Publishing House “Condor”, 2023. 184 p.

ISBN 978-617-8244-71-2

Process of air cargo transportation, the air cargo agency, the air cargo distribu-tion and marketing, cargo booking procedures and air cargo rates and the air way-bill were considered. Features of organization and technology of goods transportation – the aircraft, bulk loading limitations, unit load devices and handling facilities were pointed out. Also air cargo automation and informatisation, in particular Ad-ministrative Automation, Cargo iQ, e-Freight and e-AWB, ONE Record Interactive Cargo, Cargo Connect, CHAMP IT solution, Logistics and E-Commerce, were studied. The economics of international air cargo including pricing and revenues, airline costs, air cargo forecasting was considered. For students studying in the fields of study 05 “Social and Behavioral Scienc-es”, 07 “Management and Administration”, 27 “Transport”, 28 “Public Manage-ment and Administration” and 29 “International Relations”.

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