Organizational Behavior: Textbook. / V. Novak, T. Mostenska, O. Ilienko, E. Danilova

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Organizational Behavior: Textbook. / V. Novak, T. Mostenska, O. Ilienko, E. Danilova – K.: Condor-Publishing house, 2016. – 478 p.

ISBN 978-966-2781-49-6


The purpose of the textbook is a compilation of materials for the implementation of the module-rating system in the learning process in the study of “Organizational behavior” course.

The textbook in details introduces the reader to the main concepts of management of the organization and the role of personality in it, reveals the content of all components of management activities, and explains the problems of management psychology. It attempts to explain the basic theories of organization and management both with positions of the evolution of science and management as well as major trends of management in the early twenty-first century. The disclosed questions of organizational development, organizational changes management and communication processes were deepened. Special attention is paid to the value of the individual in the organization, models of organizational behavior and human behavior management in the organization.

It is offered for use by students and teachers, as well as for a wide range of professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations and companies managers. 

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