Puzzles of life. Quantum entanglement / Pavlichenko Anna

Код: Л001
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Артикул: Л001

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Puzzles of life. Quantum entanglement
    Авторський колектив: Pavlichenko Anna
    Загальна редакція: Pavlichenko Anna
    Тип видання: літературно-художнє
    Видання: історичний роман
    Рік видання: 2023
    Кількість сторінок: 236
    Формат: А5, 60*84 1/16
    Обкладинка: м'яка

    The events of the novel describe the Ukrainian-Russian war, from the Maidan, during the ATO and the full-scale invasion. The protagonist Lilia is a doctor, a participant of the Maidan and the ATO, who has strange déjà vu feelings and a desire to uncover the mystery of her brain. The second hero, Yurii, is a lawyer, a participant of the Maidan’s events, a volunteer, a fighter for justice. They share the same paths, assist the state, but have not crossed paths with each other for a long time. 

    The heroes are wounded in the ATO zone, return to Kyiv, and get to know each other. After the surgery, Lilia finds out the cause of her déjà vu and recalls the horrific events in her memory. Yura, already her husband, volunteers for the war for the second time and disappears during a combat mission. Lilia is told that he is dead, but she doesn’t give up – she feels that he is alive, she believes. Lilia is told that he is dead, but she doesn’t give up – she feels that he is alive, she doesn’t stop to believe. There are landscapes of Kyiv and Donbas. The storyline is about the connection with the Universe, described through the prism of quantum physics, the long-distance connection between the characters is similar to the eerie entanglement described by Einstein

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