Тренди телекомунікаційних і мультимедійних систем / Trends in Telecommunications and Multimedia Systems : monograph. (англійською мовою)

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 The monograph provides comprehensive information on modern trends in telecommunication and multimedia information transmission systems. The modern aspects of the development of individual elements of the complete data transmission path are presented. The monograph consists of 9 chapters, in which modern issues of light-to-signal conversion are considered in detail, taking into account external light sources, encoding and compression of multimedia information, as well as features of reproducing devices. In addition, the main characteristics of the radio interface of the 5th generation of mobile communications, as well as its main technologies, are considered.
The results presented in this monograph can be useful for scientists, engineers interested in the current state of telecommunication systems for transmitting multimedia information, as well as for graduate students and students of higher educational institutions in the field of telecommunications and radio engineering.
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